Frida Kahlo


Artwork by Baé

Known for her piercing self-portraits, life-long pain and passion, and bold, vibrant colors, Frida Kahlo is September's #MuseoftheMonth.

Having to go through over 30 medical operations from a vehicle accident, Kahlo depicted her heavy physical and emotion pain on canvases. Her haunting, yet sensual paintings are powerful narratives; a fusion of surrealism, fantasy, and folklore. 

The Frame, Frida Kahlo, 1938, Paris

Kahlo's relationship with muralist Diego Rivera was full of both love and anguish. Her miscarriage also triggered Kahlo to paint one of the most iconic, yet harrowing works, such as "My Birth". 

Despite her personal struggles, the Louvre acquired one of her works, The Frame (c. 1938), making Kahlo the first 20th-century Mexican artist to be included in the museum’s collection. Even with her illness, Kahlo attended her first solo exhibition in Mexico in 1953 lying in bed. Translating her innermost sufferings into potent art, Kahlo’s powerful legacy lives on as the icon of female creativity.

Frida Kahlo an Diego Rivera in New York, 10 May 1933
Frida Kahlo Painting In Bed. Photographed By Juan Guzman, Mexico City, 1952

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