Artwork by Baé


Rhythmic shapes and figures proceed allegro.

Originating from the late 17th-century Baroque era, ‘rondo’ is a musical term in which the principal recurring theme(refrain) alternates with contrasting themes(episodes) both tonally and thematically.

Rondo, Baé,2018

Rondo forms, airy and lightweight in theme, have long been popular in dance scores for their allegro(fast) tempo. The form had been adopted as bright endings in concertos of Maestros such as Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven during the Classical era while the Romantics freely complicated variations of the form. In modern music, a resemblance can generally be found in popular music with repetitive ‘hooks’

<RONDO> is MUTEMUSE’s original piece of artwork inspired by the rhythms and classic motifs of the musical term itself. Savor the rich colors and textures collaged into the most stunning ensemble.


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