Kathrine Switzer


Artwork by Baé

Marathon is an iconic sport that has been marking the finale of the Olympic Games ever since 1896. However, women were only allowed to participate in fairly recent years due to myths that women were not physically capable, and that running may cause the uterus to fall out.

At the 1967 Boston Marathon, Kathrine Switzer made a mark in history. She signed up with a masculine name, 'KV Switzer'. As soon as the race started, the contestants and officials withheld her, pulled on her top and caused turmoil. Despite the obstruction, Switzer completed the race and was given the title as the first female runner to complete an official marathon.

Kathrine Switzer, Boston Marathon, 1967

At the 50th anniversary of the Boston Marathon in 2017, Switzer ran an inspiring race with the same 261 bib number. Switzer, who now represents '261 Fearless’', a non-profit organization that encourages women to overcome life obstacles and embrace healthy living, is our #MuseoftheMonth.

Kathrine Switzer, Boston Marathon, 2017

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