Antonia Brico


Artwork by Baé

The conductor position has long been recognized as the male realm. Leading and giving directions to more than 100 people was not considered suitable for women. Antonia Brico broke this prejudice and made significant achievements as the first Maestra.

Antonia Brico conducting at thePhilharmonie in Berlin, 1930

Born in the Netherlands and educated in Berlin, Brico founded the New York Women's Symphony Orchestra in the midst of the society that did not give equal opportunities to women. As the first woman to lead the New York Philharmonic, the Berlin Philharmonic, and the Metropolitan Opera, Brico proved herself with exceptional skill and the essense of beautiful music. Brico’s life, also depicted in the film 'Conductor', will remain an inspiration not only for female conductors following her legacy, but for others yearning to follow their dreams.  

The Conductor (2018)

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