Marina Abramović


Artwork by Baé

Wrapping up 2019, Mutemuse's last #MOTM of the year is the most iconic performing artist of the 21st century, Marina Abramović. Having recently celebrated her 73rd birthday, the artist uses her body and mind as forms of medium to explore the explicit nature of human relationships.

The "Rhythm 0" performance, where the audience was given props to freely experiment with her and her body, explored the cruel nature within humans. During the "Breathing In, Breathing Out" performance, where the artist and Ulay breathed through each other's mouths(and fainted due to carbon dioxide asphyxiation within 17 minutes), Abramović addressed the process of an individual absorbing and destroying the life of another. Constantly questioning herself, Abramović focuses on the phenomenons of obsession and discomfort, away from the comfortable and familiar. She mentioned in an interview, "It's important to be vulnerable and show the things you're afraid and ashamed of to everybody ... That way, we have a connection. We create trust."


Rhythm 0, 1974
Breathing In/Breathing Out, 1977

<The Artist is Present> exhibition at MOMA, New York in 2010 was when the artist was most widely publicized. 750,000 people lined up to participate while she sat still and silent, face-to-face with each audience. Through a special form of exhibition where no documentation of the content exists, Abramović gained international fame.

Abramović's performances cannot be hung on the walls of galleries and therefore cannot be quoted, nor traded for money. As a firm believer of non-commercial forms of fine art, Abramović defines herself as an 'original' artist. With an unyielding perspective and 'uncomfortable' inspirations, Abramović is December's #MuseoftheMonth.


The Artist Is Present, Museum of Modern Art, March 2010

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