Virginia Woolf


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The author of <A Room of One's Own>, <Mrs. Dalloway> and <Orlando>, #VirginiaWoolf was the epitome of a female modernist writer of the 20th century.

Born in London, Woolf was repressed and mentally abused by her parents within the household. Yet, others claimed that her reaction to sexual and psychological abuse was a form of hereditary mental illness and tried to conceal her stories.


<A Room of One's Own> First edition cover

Even in her formindable situation, Woolf had taught herself English and American Classics. She wrote to let out her experiences and collect her toughts. In <Orlando>, she wrote about a man who turns into a woman, only to find out the limitations of living as a female. In <A Room of One’s Own>, Woolf's idea that women should develop economic independence in order to escape subordinate lives dependent on men, was very controversial. She dealt with taboo subjects, such as homosexuality and sex, and contributed her works towards gender equality.

Woolf was a member of the Bloomsbury Group, an intellectual melting pot of writers, philosophers, and artists. Taking a prominent step as a female intellectual against oppression and prejudice, Virginia Woolf is selected as #MuseoftheMonth for her impact on society beyond literature.


Lytton Strachey and Woolf at Garsington, 1923

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