Louise Bourgeois


Artwork by Baé

Representing her times, #louisebourgeois tops our list without question; Bourgeois translated painful memories of her father and childhood to inspiring works of art. Of autobiographical nature, her most famous installation ‘Maman’ and drawings in red are her abstract expressions of sexuality, the body, death and subconcious.

She was the first female artist to hold a retrospective at the MoMA in 1982 and was rewarded the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement at the 48th Venice Biennale in 1999.

maman, Louise Bourgeois

While refusing to abide to her struggles and constantly expressing herself to overcome the endeavors through different mediums of art, Bourgeois welcomed those who visited her as artists with their own artworks even when she isolated herself in 1997 due to health conditions. As the epitome of a true artist, Louise Bourgeois will always be remembered as our #muse 

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