Distraction du ciel

Alexis Jamet


MUTEMUSE through the eyes of artists we love.
<Imaginations> is a digital collaboration series inspired by the sculptural shapes of MUTEMUSE. Discover the works of artists around the world, envisioned through their sea of imaginations.

Artwork by Alexis Jamet

If you could be anything other than a human, what would you be?
A cat living with other animals on a farm.
The topmost important thing on your bucket list.
To learn how to compose music.
Tell us about a weird dream you had recently.
I don't exactly remember everything but I often dream that I'm chased by secret services or the police. I recently had a similar dream and I felt like this one lasted 3 days, trying to hide myself in different places in France and the US...
Alexis Jamet (@alexis_jamet), Paris based graphic designer and illustrator, uses brilliant colors that are simple, yet trigger a dreamy sense of nostalgia.

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