Artwork by B.D. Graft


Yellow cut-outs dotting the faces of an anonymous black-and-white crowd

Anonymity grants the exhilarating opportunity to act freely from the gaze of others. Yet, the absence of individuality in a group or ‘crowd’ leaves a sense of restlessness. B.D. Graft was inspired by these conflicting qualities found frequently in cultural societies today.

Crowd, B.D. Graft, 2019

The photograph captures a crowd of people, stripped of color and printed in monochrome. Their faces have been replaced by bright yellow cut-outs, making them indistinguishable from one another, almost pattern-like. However, the anonymity created in Crowd actually begins with a process that involves closely looking at each person. Scrutinizing every face, Graft meticulously cuts them out while sending personal regards.

With an eye-catching contrast between the stark monochrome print and the bright yellow cut-outs, Crowd is a part of Graft’s prominent ‘Add Yellow’ series and was specially created as a collaboration artwork for MUTEMUSE.

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