Artwork by Baé


An exchange of intimate whispers to yourself.

They say you know yourself better than anyone else. Well, take a moment to think twice; the truth is you often end up neglecting a lot about yourself in life. It’s only at the end of the day you realize how much time and energy you’ve overlooked to focus on others. When was the last time you took time off to do something you really love? In fact, where did your personal life disappear in the midst of time?

Murmur, Baé

While <Murmur> was originally a single portrait of a person, a simple mark was added on the face to recreate an image of two hugging each other. <Murmur>, meaning ‘whisper’ in French, depicts an illusory scene neither alone nor together.
Spare a moment with <Murmur> wide strap for warm-hearted and affectionate whispers, to none other than yourself.

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