Artwork by Kimi&12


Inspired by the odds of a day off, the interplay of light and shadows run down the ridges of an endless mountain range

<Journey> is an artwork dedicated to those hesitant to fully enjoy the holidays. For example, Sundays may be delightful by brunch time, but Mondays are dreadful; sometimes scheduling is frantic, or holidays may not even be an option for some.

Journey, Kimi&12, 2017

Where there is light, shadows must lurk on the other side; weekends, holidays and days off are not always pleasant when you think about the end. KIMI&12’s illustrations suggest a sense of peculiarity towards the conflicting idea of holidays.
Bold but not overwhelming, the irregular yet modern panorama holds the irony in the story. The vivid shade of orange is somewhere between dawn and midnight, the circle both sun and the moon. Whether steep or slow, take the time to run off on a ‘Journey’ of your dreams

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