Artwork by Lee Kyung Hwa


A glamorous tangle of dark green jungle and red roses.

Even before the digital age, designer Lee Kyung Hwa has been creating meticulous patterns on fabrics and her legacy continues to live on modern day computer tablets and photoshop canvases.

As the head designer of LEE KYUNG HWA TEXTILE DESIGN, Lee has been on top of the latest fashion trends, maintaining her keen sense of detail for over 30 years.

Jungle Rose, Lee Kyung Hwa, 2017

In fact, Lee has expanded her abilities to digital platforms, refusing to fall behind the fast-moving industry. Hence, Lee Kyung Hwa’s patterns are enduring, captivating and elegant.

The tropical jungle, red roses and the nonchalant cheetah; the vintage, glamorous pattern is chic and poised.

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